Amazon Web Services [ AWS ]

Amazon Web Services [ AWS ]

All “Software On Premise” projects / Applications, Clients are migrating to “CLOUD” as AWS on Cloud, introduced first in Indian Training Market by MiNdLiNkS, then what makes you to stop at learning generic tools and technologies?

AWS training differs from traditional tools or technologies training and has many activities that are extremely different for all generic technical consultants who have undergone training of On-Premise or Installable softwares. 

How Cloud Computing combination with AWS?

The current software development life cycle is based on Agile technique instead of the old waterfall model to e speed of expedite the speed of software delivery and management.Along with that the days were gone where the IT industry was worried to manage only physical Infrastructure (Servers/ Network Devices etc). With the advancement of technology and virtual machines, in today's date the industry is more worried not only to manage the physical also the growing number of virtual machines. The revolutionary cloud computing technology is also adding huge number of VMs to the industry along with tremendous data to be processed.As data centers grew, and hosted applications became more complex, administrators realized they couldn’t scale their manual systems management as fast as the applications they were enabling. That’s why server provisioning and configuration management tools came to flourish.Server virtualization brought large-scale infrastructure management to the fore, and the number of servers managed by one admin (or by a small team of Admins), has grown by an order of magnitude. Instead of deploying, patching, and destroying every server by hand, Admins now are expected to bring up new servers, either automatically or with minimal intervention. Large-scale IT deployments now may involve hundreds or thousands of servers; in many of the largest environments, server provisioning, configuration, and decommissioning are all entirely automated.

With all these the continuous development and continuous integration evolved and the developers wanted to focus more in product/feature development rather spending time in integration and deployment letting the birth of AWS.

 What does AWS Essentials course entail? -The length and content of AWS Essentials course will be vast and vary and well planned by our Trainer. Each concept assumes few proposed hours of study per day and it is strongly advised to schedule no other training during the course time as this impedes the ability to learn the content in a full extent. 

Do I need AWS Essentials training?

Can't I just learn on the Job?-Although this practice does occur with any tool now-a-days, without taking the training it is not possible to get Expertise over Real-Time practices. In addition, there are many nuances to each solution that would not be known without taking official training.

What sort of experience do I need to get job with AWS Essentials?

There is no particular experience required; AWS Essentials itself new to the market and companies haven’t any other alternative to go for when they are short staffed with the required resource. Just learn, practice, get support from MiNdLiNkS and see jobs available for U. 

Are there any prerequisites to take AWS Essentials training?

As mentioned in the content below, to understand AWS Essentials course training you need have 2 prerequisites to learn, just 2 B’s, a Blank mind  and a Blind practice. Just give our corporate ladders to fill those blanks.

What about AWS Essentials certification?

Clients, Customers and even Consultants or Vendors have said that they “don’t need their AWS Consultants to be certified”.It’s all a need of a development company for making its resource profile [U] more weighable so that they can acquire more marginalized income from client billing. If its demanded, your company will be sponsoring by reimbursing the cost of it. Indeed MiNdLiNkS is with u to provide 100% pass guaranteed certification assistance and it’s a certification assisted training program. This course will be the basis for specializing further in cloud computing and gaining higher levels of certifications and even becoming an AWS Essentials Certified Professional.But certification comes next to the expertise and knowledge in AWS in order to get the job.

Who should attend AWS Essentials Training?-

 Windows, Linux, Solaris, Unix Administrators 

 CISCO or CCNA or CCNP or Networking Administrators 

 VMware, Application packaging & Virtualization Developers / Administrators 

 Any Database Administrators 

 Any SAN kind of Data backup related Administrators  

 Developers / Programmers from .Net / Java / Ruby on Rails / Groovy on Grails / C++ or any other programming backgrounds. 

 M.Sc, B.Tech, B.E,B.SC, BCA, MBA, BBA, MCA, Fresher / Experienced people

 Non-IT professionals aspiring to get into IT industry.

 Any people who need a job instantly with any qualification and from any background.

Who is my AWS Essentials Trainer?

Mr.Lokesh, MiNdLiNkS endorsed Training Professional; Certified, Senior“AWS” Architect having 10 years of Industry experience.

What is AWS Essentials Training plan [training-grooming-supporting]

Proposed Hours of work sessions includes Training on concepts, Assignments, Live Case Studies, Real-time Working Scenarios, Relevant personal Skills and Attitude, Expertise on AWS Essentials Software, Software Cloud Instance Access Assistance, End-to-end Resume building & Presentation, Genuine FAQs & Generalized worked-out answers, Informative material documents, Tech support, 100% pass guaranteed Certification Assistance,  Mock Interviews and Consultation (INTERNAL REFERENCES in renowned CMM level companies) with 100% Placement Assistance

What is my AWS Essentials Courseware? 

We determined the requirements of IT industries in recruiting Fresher and Experienced AWS resources then designed the courseware by our panel of Mentoring Board, while considering “AMAZON” standardsand Industrial ongoing changes and valuable feedbacks from senior competency heads.


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All “Software On Premise” projects / Applications, Clients are migrating to “CLOUD” as AWS on Cloud, introduced first in Indian Training Market byMiNdLiNkS, then what makes you to stop at learning generic tools and technologies? AWStraining differs from

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