IT Cloud Business Analyst [ BA ]

IT Cloud Business Analyst [ BA ]

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Who is an IT BA?

Business Analyst a team from Techno-Functional stream, in IT plays a vital role in project development being center-part of all stakeholders right from understanding the client business process, decomposing the system functionally, defining objectives for each process, identifying the right stakeholders and their importance at different levels of project development, preparing stakeholder analysis matrix, interacting with assigned stakeholders by applying different elicitation techniques proposed by IIBA (International Institute of Business Analysis), And applying GAP analysis, communicating through business process, gathering business requirements through user stories, processing business process information across the team, analyzing business requirements, specifying requirements while documenting in a vast textual format by maintaining different documentation standards & tools, and reviewing requirements for proposed system– will surely be the end of “ANALYSIS” phase in Software Development, which is the inception in project development once project plan & charters have released by the Project Manager, who is a representative of project . Analysis is only the lengthy, time consuming but very core for any project development and completely a screen-behind.

Thousands of requirements which have documented in hundreds of documents or Specs are hard to go through, understand and to get a glance over in a short and proposed time for all technical teams or competencies. To make it easier to go through and understand, “BAs” by team, converts specs or documents which hold vast & lengthy textual information into process diagrams that we called “Business Process Modeling” which is of different types. Every diagram is very easy - faster understanding provider for any stakeholder in the project development, which has its own perspective, meaning, definition, notations, representation, rules and software modeling tools. Simply we can say that Business Analyst with modeling techniques can precise or compress the business requirements without cutting an edge of quality or quantity of business requirements and can optimize processes; expenditure which leads to qualitative & quantitative features in a developed product causes a complete customer / client satisfaction in a given time and given opportunity.

BA team roles are not restricted to only ANALYSIS and DESIGN phases, they will be carried to next phases DEVELOPMENT and TESTING also by acting as liaisons between either the stakeholders, explaining complex business processes with the help of diagrams and prototypes, monitoring timelines and milestones of project development. BA team assesses finally the product development in against to their specified requirements soon after finishing all testing practices by testing team

They very important thing is BA team’s participation in User Acceptance Testing and helping process teams in Risk & RCA analyses. Even after releasing a release / product / build / sprint / increment / product, in production environment every change insisted by external stakeholders will be considered as a requirement again and will be affected by all BA practices or activities as every change turns again as a requirement. 

What does a course entail?

The length and content of Business Analyst course providing by MiNdLiNkS will be vast and vary. Each concept assumes few proposed hours of study per day and it is strongly advised to schedule no other work during the course time as this impedes the ability to learn the content and pass the course. The length of course in according to planned tracks is listed in text area of this e-mail. 

Are there any prerequisites to take the training? – No any pre-requisite or pre-understanding required taking up this training as Trainer will make you to start at basics and will keep you in the edge of accomplishment. If you stress us more to explore about pre-requisites, we finally can hint you to have 2Bs, one is Blank mind and Blind practice.

What about certification?

Certification comes next to the expertise and knowledge in Business Analysis Concept in order to get the job. “No any company needs their Business Analyst (System Analyst / Business Systems Analyst / Process Consultant) to   be certified just to get the job”. But companies for different needs, billing perspectives, reputations, recruitments, agreements, and successions may want their BAs to finish their certification by reimbursing the expenditure internally within the organization. CBAP from IIBA and BCS certifications are following by the market now-a-days. Having domain (business process) certifications also create a good mark that have seen across the corporate. Certifications pertaining to Database and Testing practices would also be appreciated in many cases as far as our knowledge goes. Anyhow, it’s a certification assisted training program.

Who should attend?

Entry-level IT Business Analysts (From any background) Engineering & MBA Fresher / Experienced people Domain experienced professionals { Banking, Insurance, Finance, Capital market, Pharma, Telecom, energy & Utilities, Marketing, Retail, Consumer durables, Manufacturing, Aerospace etc.,} who vexed in their career for huge pay & great career advantages Non IT professionals aspiring to get into Business analysis/analyst with any graduation. Self-taught IT Business Analysts wanting to fill in the gaps and put all the pieces together Systems Analysts and programmers interested in expanding their role into the business area Test engineers / Test leads UI/UX designers SAS Analysts, Database Designers, Database Developers, Database Admins, Data Analysts, Data Scientists, Data Warehouse consultants ITIL, ITSM System Engineers. SAP/Siebel/PEGA/Sales Force etc., [ERP/CRM/BPM] Business consultants Call center / Tech Support / Business Development Managers / BPO / KPO working professionals

Why do I choose Business Analyst Career?

This is where you will have very less competition as very less awareness and  training provisioning we have in the market. So that getting job is damn easy. Unlike the technical guys, you will be more secured from terminations at recession times as all the companies are short staffed with the BA team and even BAs participate in project pooling at recession times to let clients to identify their needs and those needs will turn as projects to make the company to be survived. And even its client demand on a development company to show the qualitative BAs upfront. Job scope is very wide as every project of any domain or technology should recruit the BA team. And no any worry of changing versions and market as it’s a consistent process in every project and every company. Pay would be 30 to 35% more than any other technical guy in industry. And another advantage is availing opportunity to work in a client place (onsite) as BA team is only the team should interact with client teams [users] throughout the project development in every phase. The Learning and working as a Business Analyst is very easy than that of any other technology or tool as no coding, no complexity. 

Why do I choose MiNdLiNkS only?

Only MiNdLiNkS is operating BA Training as a working plan [training-grooming- supporting] with more than 50 Hours of work sessions includes Training on concepts, many Assignments for practice, Live Case Studies, Real-time Templates, Real-time Working Scenarios, Relevant personal Skills and Attitude, Expertise on documentation and modeling Software tools like MS Visio, Software dump, Software Technologies awareness, End-to-end Resume building & Presentation, Genuine FAQs & Generalized worked-out answers, Informative material documents, Tech support, Certification Guidance, Online Exam after the Course and Certificate of Participation, Mock Interviews, and Consultation by providing INTERNAL REFERENCES in renowned CMM level companies with 100% Placement Assistance from MiNdLiNkS.

What is IT-BA Training plan? - [training-grooming-supporting]

  • 50 Hours of work sessions includes Training on concepts
  • Assignments
  • Practice
  • Live Case Studies
  • Real-time Working
  • Scenarios
  • Relevant personal Skills and Attitude
  • Expertise on Software Tool
  • Software Instances access
  • End-to-end Resume building & Presentation
  • Genuine FAQs & Gener alized worked-out answers
  • Informative material documents
  • Tech support
  • Certification Guidance
  • Mock Interviews and Consultation (INTERNAL REFERENCES in renowned CMM level companies) with 100% Placement Assistance
  • 100% Placement Assured Proxy assistance in Interviews & On-Job-Support
  • Online Exam after the Course and
  • Certificate of Participation from MiNdLiNkS.

IF everything is changing towards Techno-functional, what makes you to stop at a simple profile only?

BA training from MiNdLiNkS differs from normal training institutes and has many activities that are extremely different for all Consultants who have undertaken BA training.



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Business Analyst a team from Techno-Functional stream, in IT plays a vital role in project development being center-part of all stakeholders right from understanding the client business process, decomposing the system functionally, defining

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Batch No I - 7:00 AM - 8:00 AM Online and classroom both Batch No II - 8:00 MA - 9:00 AM both classroom and online
Batch No I - 7:00 AM - 8:00 AM Online and classroom both Batch No II - 8:00 MA - 9:00 AM both classroom and online
Batch No I - 7:00 AM - 8:00 AM Online and classroom both Batch No II - 8:00 MA - 9:00 AM both classroom and online
Batch No I - 7:00 AM - 8:00 AM Online and classroom both Batch No II - 8:00 MA - 9:00 AM both classroom and online
Batch No I - 7:00 AM - 8:00 AM Online and classroom both Batch No II - 8:00 MA - 9:00 AM both classroom and online
Batch No I - 7:00 AM - 8:00 AM Online and classroom both Batch No II - 8:00 MA - 9:00 AM both classroom and online

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