Microsoft Cloud AZURE

Microsoft Cloud AZURE

What is Azure? 

Azure is a Cloud Computing Platform offering PaaS and IaaS services. Azure is the only cloud computing platform which has PaaS and has variety of platform services ranging from computing engines to Media services and Machine learning. Azure has robust and scalable platform that allows users to utilize PaaS services and build once and scale 'N' times without having to worry about underlying hardware and software limitations and capabilities. 

Dividing Cloud opportunities into two buckets: infrastructure and development, the infrastructure side is working with the customer to essentially take what used to be traditional infrastructure and move it into Azure.

This is similar to the process that New Signature undertook for its own systems. The solution provider had servers in multiple data-centers that it leveraged for high availability. That meant that we had to lease or purchase equipment, leases the rack space in the data centers, manages the servers, and manages the infrastructure. We took that entire infrastructure and moved it to Azure as PaaS [platform as a service] and SaaS [software as a service], allowing us to reduce the complexity and our time spent in managing that infrastructure.

What Azure supports with?

Azure uses and supports .Net as its native development platform but also in addition is built to support multiple programming languages like Java, PHP, Node.JS, Python etc.. Azure allows users to deploy Linux on its infrastructure (VM).

How MS.Net developers & professionals will get benefit from Azure?

Azure is truly leader in cloud computing platform that allows one to build internet scale systems. Exposure or expertise in one or more PaaS services will give enormous early bird advantage to software professionals. Azure is only the chance left for MS.Net, MS BizTalk Server, MS SQL Server, MS SharePoint Portal Server, MS Dynamics CRM and MS Business Intelligence (BI) professionals & learners to get an instant entry into MNCs or to step into some other job with expected Pay & career benefits.  In a single statement, having just AZURE word in your .Net or any Microsoft technologies related CV, will give you ten interview calls in a day. 

How Azure is digging deeper on Building cloud IT services?

First and foremost, Microsoft mission is to deliver a great customer experience, and that means delivering the best solution from a technology standpoint to their customers.  Starting about four years ago, the cloud had hit a point where it was the best solution. Driving customers to the public cloud made good business sense to them. A relatively unique offering, there are plenty of opportunities for Azure partners looking to monetize Azure. But offering Azure -related services is about much more than growing revenue streams for these solution providers

How Microsoft is capturing Cloud opportunity with Azure?

 In addition to migration and development services, Azure helps organizations plan and implement DevOps best practices.  It is a visible sign, that most organizations beginning to embrace public cloud will typically ask questions around DevOps. They tend to go hand-in-hand. It's a big adoption lifecycle happening that increasingly will result in more and more focus and spend in apps and things that provide unique competitive advantage to an organization, rather than just plumbing and stuff that we used to see happen.

One of the dynamics the cloud is driving is that apps will become much more strategically important at the expense of infrastructure, because now so much of the infrastructure is going to be taken care of Cloud. 

Azure provides software development services and in addition to developing the applications on the platform, the Azure partners offer full lifecycle management -- running, maintaining and enhancing the applications on a fully outsourced basis, is a note worthy. And that brings us to development opportunities: We're seeing heavy adoption around core cloud infrastructure migration. 

Building cloud services includes…?

Cloud Integration + Cloud Provisioning + Cloud Service Management + Cloud Services Architecture.

How are career opportunities with Azure?

Opportunities abound for cloud platforms like Microsoft Azure, and solution providers see business growth as they monetize Azure and deliver added value. When you try to search a job with .Net or any other mass technology (even any of Microsoft technologies) which has been there in the market since last 15 plus years and learned by Lacks of people will make you to sit in huge-crowd. It makes your search very toughest and the time in years will be passing without your notice. Always, if the technology or tool that you selected is a new, then you can find very less understanding in the market so that instead of you search for job openings, companies will search you as all companies will be short staffing with that team.      

Who should attend Azure training? 

• MS.Net Developers / MS .Net Programmers

• MS SQL Server Developers

• Entry-level Software professionals (From any background) who learned MS .NET 

• MS BizTalk Server  Middleware tool consultants 

• Any MS SharePoint Portal Server Developers

• Any MS Business Intelligence (BI) Consultants or Reporting Analysts

• Test engineers / Test leads worked with projects developed by Microsoft technologies  

• MS Dynamics CRM Business consultants

What is Azure Training plan? - [training-grooming-supporting]

50 Days of work sessions includes Training on concepts, Assignments, Practice, Live Case Studies, Real-time Working Scenarios, Expertise on Azure Software & Environment, Process of Getting Software Instances access, End-to-end Resume Building & Presentation, Genuine FAQs & Generalized worked-out answers, Informative material documents, Tech support, Certification Guidance,  Mock Interviews and Consultation (INTERNAL REFERENCES in renowned CMM level companies) with 100% Placement Assistance •100% Placement Assured Proxy assistance in Interviews & On-Job-Support  •Online Exam after the Course and Certificate of Participation from MiNdLiNkS.

What is Azure Training Methodology?

This course gives candidates a combination of instructor-led lecture and hands-on experience implementing Applications on Azure cloud platform. Cloud Azure Development training course covers the underlying architecture, technical components, implementation planning considerations, and implementation tasks essential for a Azure Cloud implementation project. Along with implementation tasks and details, this course provides a detailed overview of Azure mandatory dependencies, enabling candidates to understand the entire scope of an Azure Cloud implementation project. Through lecture, demonstrations, hands-on exercises, team activities, and classroom discussions, candidates gain an understanding of the scope of a Azure Cloud implementation project, including: implementation tasks and many more furnished in courseware.                

This course introduces you to the new world of cloud computing and how to build on the Windows Azure Platform. We'll cover Windows Azure compute and storage and SQL Azure. Along the way we'll discuss cloud computing trade-offs and help you understand the constraints and limitations imposed by the cloud computing model offered by the Windows Azure Platform today.


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