Microsoft Dynamics Cloud 365 CRM

Microsoft Dynamics Cloud 365 CRM

As entire Globe is moving around the word “Cloud”, now it has become mandatory for every technology or a tool to convert it’s dynamics, structure, architecture and everything into CLOUD. As a Sr.Strategy Lead, worked for many enterprise-applications and its development in every competence, came across to know 47,763 and more tools & technologies for which we’ve seen all the hell ‘n’ back of resources when they get recruited with. We recommend the technology or a tool that you adopted should be new to the market, to get a job or to switch to another job, and the training feasibility of it should be very less in the market. It makes you a demandable & dependable for an organization and will be a no-other-go for a company until they made you to join in. If no resources on a technology, instead of you search for companies, companies will be hunting for you. It will be possible when that technology or tool is of CLOUD. Whatever major challenges that all enterprises or clients in the world, that is, Resource Optimization, Cost Optimization, Process Optimization and IT-infrastructure Optimization. And CLOUD has become One stop and Common & Complete solution. MiNdLiNkS is only the 1st Training Company started Dynamics 365 training by a Project Manager having 16+ years of IT expertise and in ‘On-Premise and On-Cloud’ platforms. 

The Cloud market has been growing very aggressively and seeing similar growth rates for each business organization, as well.

You can avail Online & Classroom training with assured job assistance and references only from MiNdLiNkS for “Dynamics 365 on Cloud” training participants.

What is CRM?

Customer Relationship Management—often called CRM, CRM system, or CRM software—is a business solution that helps companies improve marketing, sales, and service engagement with their customers to drive organizational efficiency, while helping to improve customer experience. Customer Relationship Management is taking care of the complete satisfaction of the customer and loyalty of the other business improvement. 

What can CRM do for my organization?

CRM can help reduce costs and increase profitability by organizing and automating business processes that nurture customer relationships and satisfaction across all interactions—marketing, sales, and customer service. CRM solutions can deliver return on investment (ROI) through marketing automation, customer service, and sales force automation.

What is Microsoft Dynamics CRM? 

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Training: Microsoft Dynamics CRM is our customer relationship management (CRM) solution built on Cloud and On-premise that enables companies to care everywhere, sell effectively, and market smarter.  We provide social insights, business intelligence, and productivity with One Microsoft solutions. And we deliver Microsoft Dynamics CRM in the cloud, on-premises, or with a hybrid combination.

In an additional, it helps the business expansion and Microsoft Dynamics CRM stood 1st in assisting thousands of medium and large scale enterprises and customers since a decade with consistent and persistent upgrades. Dynamics 365 is the next generation of intelligent business applications and Dynamics 365 is a product line of enterprise resource planning (ERP), CRM App. Dynamics CRM developer is a promising job and get huge packages when compared to developers in other technical domains. 

Not only developing applications, Dynamics 365 offer a tool breadth not previously seen within a single solution, but the inclusion of a 3rd party application marketplace, Microsoft AppSource, allows Dynamics 365 to be further extended and specialized in just a few clicks. The purpose built Customer Engagement applications of Dynamics 365 include; Project Service Automation, Sales, Customer Service, Field Service, and Marketing alongside built in Machine Learning behind each of these services provided by Power BI giving rich immersive access to your data within dashboards. Dynamics 365 is fully integrated system with financial, supply chain, human resources, and project management capabilities applicable for a wide range of industries. Achieving an above-average industry adoption rate, Dynamics 365 provides a familiar and easy-to-use Microsoft user experience, which leverages existing technologies that are commonly used such as Microsoft SharePoint. Dynamics 365 provides you with an architecture that makes company-differentiating changes easy to execute without compromising system upgrade integrity. The ability to upgrade your financial and customer relationship system cost-efficiently is an important factor to consider with regards to total cost of ownership (TCO) of a combined ERP and CRM system.

Why .NET people only the target audience for Dynamics® CRM?

It is built on a service oriented architecture (SOA) platform using Microsoft .NET framework, allowing easy customization and future proofing.  

.NET Developers as a whole can’t get good jobs and packages currently when profile is not accompanied by Dynamics kind of emerging and demanding technologies in their profile.  

What about certification?

Certification comes next to the expertise in order to get the job. But companies for different needs, billing perspectives, reputations, recruitments, agreements, and successions may want their Dynamics Developers or Consultants to finish their certification by reimbursing the expenditure internally within the organization. Anyhow, it’s a certification assisted training program.   

Who should attend?-

• .NET Learners, as to get the job instantly as getting job in .NET has become more tough due to the heavy competition as its has lacks of people in the race.

• .NET working professionals who are losing the jobs because of cost cutting, simplification of new tools, UI based functionality and especially demand for Cloud.

• .NET working professionals who are getting less packages due to the competition and easy availability of resources in the market.

• BIZTALK middleware working professionals as integration of Dynamics more often happens with BizTalk only and its becoming mandatory for them to know the other node of Integration at Dynamics end.

• SharePoint working professionals as portal development more often integrated with CRM only and its becoming mandatory for them to know the other edge of functionality in Dynamics CRM.

• Self-taught Engineering & MBA Fresher / Experienced people want to fill in the gaps and put all the pieces together to get the Job.

Why do I choose Dynamics?

This is where you will have very less competition as very less awareness and less training provisioning in the market. So that getting job is damn easy. Job scope is very wide as every client of any domain or should have CRM implementation. The Learning and working in Dynamics is very easy than that of any other programming language or technology or tool as less coding, no complexity. Finally one word is enough to value it is Dynamics 365 is on CLOUD and On-premise both.

Why do I choose MiNdLiNkS only? 

Only MiNdLiNkS is operating Dynamics 365 on Cloud Training on a Project from the beginning and another Project by Students with REQS gathering to Deployment End2End Project Life Cycle as a working plan [training-grooming-supporting] with more than 60 Hours of working sessions includes Training on concepts,  Demonstrating Concepts on a Project from the beginning in CLASSROOM itself, Assignments for practice- Everyday, Live Case Studies, Real-time Doc Templates, Real-time Working Scenarios, End-to-end Resume building & Presentation, Genuine FAQs & Generalized worked-out answers, Informative material documents, Tech support, Certification Guidance, Online Exam after the Course and Certificate of Participation, Mock Interviews, and Consultation by providing  INTERNAL REFERENCES in renowned CMM level companies with 100% Placement Assistance from MiNdLiNkS.  

IF everything is changing towards CLOUD, what makes you to stop at a simple profile only? - Dynamics 365 training from MiNdLiNkS differs from normal training institutes and has many activities that are extremely different for all Consultants who have undertaken Dynamics 365 training.



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As entire Globe is moving around the word “Cloud”, now it has become mandatory for every technology or a tool to convert it’s dynamics, structure, architecture and everything into CLOUD. As a Sr.Strategy Lead, worked for many enterprise-applications and i

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