SAP Activate Project Management [ APM ]

SAP Activate Project Management [ APM ]


Why its mandatory for SAP Project Managers? - All “SAP-On Premise” projects, clients are migrating to “Cloud” as SAP Labs itself developing and acquiring different Cloud tools for different existing modules as replacement and pruning On-Premise out from the development market. If everything is changing towards CLOUD, what makes you to stop at old & outdated modules?

Not just technologies, even its management practices are becoming unique to create their own mark in ERP segment. As per CLOUD, even a Project Manager who is a complete representative of project should be a technical guy to take part into, otherwise they can’t retain their job. Above all it’s a journey of 10 to 15 years by adding few Project Management Certifications like PMP, Prince2 etc., 

What SAP Activate does in SAP projects? -  

• SAP Activate is a game changing consumption experience introduced with SAP S/4HANA.

• SAP Activate is a unique combination of SAP Best Practices, Methodology, and SAP Guided Configuration delivered with a reference solution.

• SAP Activate enables customers to start fast, build smart, and run simple while continuously innovating in the cloud and anywhere.

What is SAP Activate methodology? -  

SAP Activate provides SAP Best Practices packages for any S/4HANA implementation; including migration, integration and configuration, and uses one methodology for any deployment mode — cloud, on premise or hybrid.

SAP Activate delivers ready-to-run business processes optimized for SAP S/4HANA.

SAP Activate is geared for a speedy initial implementation of S/4HANA and is designed for continuous innovation.

SAP Activate supports different starting points for customers to adopt SAP S/4HANA – new implementation, system conversion and landscape transformation

SAP Activate also enables partners to extend the ready-to-run business processes shipped by SAP, which builds the basis on which partners could update their custom best practices and co-innovate with SAP.                                                                   

SAP Activate gives a clear answer to the question: How can I get there with a guarantee of success and with a quick time-to-value approach?

SAP Activate provides SAP partners with a simple path to co-innovate with SAP by tapping their domain expertise by process and industry, and build on top of the SAP Best Practices and add functionalities on the SAP HANA Cloud Platform as new scenarios become available, effectively becoming both a services company and recognized thought leader.

Guided Configuration

SAP Activate contains a comprehensive set of tools designed to guide customers and partners step-by-step through the process of software implementation. Simple, easy-to-follow, on-screen instructions provide technical guidance with visually engaging displays. The guided approach also allows business and IT to collaborate for a successful outcome. The entire process of collaboration will be recorded, thus supplying a configuration history that can be tapped into for future use.

Automated Test Plans:

• Delivers pre-scripted, process oriented test cases for delivered best practice scenarios

• Test scripts adapt to current configuration

• Tests are independent from underlying data

• Documents success of test runs Supported scenarios

• Create or change test plans

• Run test plans

• Documentation of test success

• In case of errors, adapt test data


SAP Activate Methodology help customers achieve fast and cost efficient deployment of SAP innovations with ONE simple, modular and agile methodology, covering all phases of SAP S/4HANA Implementation: Prepare, Explore, Realize, and Deploy.

The SAP S/4HANA Guided Configuration covers the following sections:

Configure your solution: Guides to help on the S/4HANA configurations for both, initial implementation & continuous innovation adoption.

Test your processes: Business process driven, pre-defined automated test; View Solution Scope: Evaluate activated business processes and country versions; Migrate Your Data: Business process driven, pre-defined automated test; User Training & Onboarding: Guided Product tour.                                                             

SAPACTIVATE Methodology Phases:

The SAPACTIVATE Methodology will help companies develop a comprehensive project plan encompassing all of the tasks required for migration and implementation. Regardless the deployment scenario: cloud-based, on-premise or hybrid, the methodology behind SAP Activate helps chart the simplest path to innovate for greater business value. The methodology begins with SAP Best Practices and includes a fit-gap analysis to determine individual company needs. The methodology is also designed for partners to incorporate into their own best practices.

What does a course entail?

The length and content of SAP Activate course will be vast and vary. Each concept assumes few proposed hours of study per day and it is strongly advised to schedule no other work during the course time as this impedes the ability to learn the content and pass the course. The length of course is listed in text area of this e-mail.

Do I need training? Can't I just learn on the Job?

Although this practice does occur with PMP or any other, without taking the training it is not possible to get detailed idea in SAP Activate it’s a new and no source of knowledge is available even across corpoartes also. In addition, there are many nuances to each solution that would not be known without taking detailed & official training.                 

Do we have Classroom training also?

NO, as Trainer is working in a Top MNC at high designation can’t accommodate his time & presence in Classroom & Daily, we have Online-Weekend Training which even make all working people to attend happily without disturbing their daily schedule right from their home and if needed you can use MiNdLiNkS infrastructure.

What sort of experience do I need in Project Management? 

There is no particular experience required; you can learn everything throughout course time.

Are there any prerequisites to take the training? 

As mentioned above, to undertake any module of Success Factors course you must complete the Introduction to Mastery module which comes first in queue and its includes in training.

What about certification?

SAP Activate certification is a must for all working SAP Project Managers to retain their jobs and for those who are willing to become Project Managers in SAP projects. And one need not be having any years of experience or no any number of PDUs of sessions needs to be shown as in record. Anyhow, Clients have habituated giving preference to certified SAP Activate consultants offering 100% of hikes.

We support only our students in accomplishing their certifications with above of assured maximum of score. 

Who should attend?-

• Project Managers who are already working in any of SAP projects of any modules.

• All SAP HR [Functional], SAP-HR [Technical], SAP-ABAP [HR],  SAP ESS, SAP MSS, SAP EP, SAP ABAP, SAP PI, SAP XI, SAP BASIS and PeopleSoft, Oracle HCM, Oracle Fusion HCM, Workday HCM Consultants {without any other go…}who want to become SAP Project Managers.

• Business Analysts / Systems Analysts working in IT.

• All Domain experienced professionals from Insurance, Finance, Banking, Telecom, HR, Pharma, ITSM etc.,

• SAP/Siebel/PeopleSoft/Sales Force etc., [ERP/CRM/BPM] Business consultant, Developers / Programmers / Middleware tool consultants, Test engineers / Test leads, Reporting Analysts from any technology who want to become SAP Project Managers.

Note: Certification Details can be discussed by one of Directors Mr.Kumar in a physical discussion.

Short Description

Now, SAP has introduced it’s own innovative Project Management methodology for all SAP Project Managers by name “SAP ACTIVATE PROJECT MANAGEMENT” to meet all competitive edges in On-Premise & Cloud and being certified made a mandate for all SAP PMs. As

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