What is the Cloud? What is the reason behind SAP On-Premise modules replacement by SAP Cloud technologies?

As entire Globe is moving towards “Cloud”, now it has become mandatory for each technology or tool to convert it’s dynamics, structure, architecture, tradeoffs and everything into CLOUD. SAP named as rich technology in Consulting for clients to get implemented for their business automations, has turned to CHEAP in cost, changing to CLOUD completely. SAP has different on-premise modules like SAP-HR, SAP-SD, SAP-FICO, SAP-SRM, SAP-MM , SAP-PP etc., learned by lacks of people as software for those modules is freely available from cracked-market at 200/- cost. . Where everybody can get that software, learn and teach. That’s The reason behind this huge competition for SAP old & on-premise modules is just due to the huge number of trainers availability who didn’t even work for a day. As far as our decades of technology expertise goes, worked for many enterprise allocations and its development, we’ve seen all the hell & back of resources when they get recruited in to companies.

We recommend the technology or a tool what you opted, should be new to the market, and the training feasibility of it should be very less then only getting a job or to switch to another job will become more easy. Following the same makes you a dependable in an organization and will be a no-other-go for a company until they made you to join in their projects. It would be possible when that technology or tool is of CLOUD. As any CLOUD based technology or tool is not an installable-software comes in CD or DVD, But which can run by accessing its software instance [URL & Credentials] as a service through internet in your own browser. It can be possible only for MiNdLiNkS to provide you training & practicing with a software instances by above Senior Solution Architects from every ground of SAP Cloud and it’s technologies.

What is the reason of faster & easy placements with SAP Ariba?

The biggest advantage as SAP Ariba is, all companies are short staffed with SAP Ariba resources as technology understanding and training provisioning is zero in market. As it is cloud software, everybody can not access Cloud software out of their office to show or to provide for practice during training without being a Super User and without having Architect or Project Manager designated. In this scenario, instead of you search for companies for jobs; in turn companies will be searching for you. That’s where people with mere knowledge also can get in to jobs and can work easily in cloud development environment as nobody could be in the hierarchy to squeeze them as technology understanding for these cloud tools is very less across the corporate. Above all, interviewers also can’t question you without a pre-made question paper in hand.

So you can get the job easily as a SAP Ariba Consultant! As they are in huge demand & they are almost always on short supply and command premium salaries.

As "SAP Ariba" is very new to the world and the market for it has blown out on a sudden soon it is got acquired by SAP and very less the people are aware of it. We, MiNdLiNkS have given birth to SAP Ariba Training first in India before its got acquired by SAP and operating since last 5 years by a Genuine Real-time working Architect as Trainer. So zero competition and as all companies are short staffed with SAP Ariba resources, instead of you search for companies, companies will only search for you. MiNdLiNkS only can provide SAP Ariba Software Cloud Instance Access for practice through course time.

The major thing behind huge requirements is it’s a Value addition to client…

1. Increased end-user confidence in SAP implementation

2. Reduced cost and time of implementation right from buying software licenses.

3. Better decision-making based on small & faster releases.

4. Best to simplify and reduce the cost of Present & future upgrades and maintenance

5. Less Development & Simple Customizations as its of Cloud where technology comes as a product.

6. Resource Optimization can be done with this Cloud solution to cut down the cost then & there.

7. Enhance effectiveness and leading to lower costs.

8. Zero IT infrastructure expenditure for clients as infra comes as a service in Cloud.

9. Client Data will be maintained by SAP in their Data Centers at cheapest price

Can I see & Practice SAP Ariba software? 

Yes, that’s can only be happened by MiNdLiNkS. MiNdLiNkS only an organization providing SAP Ariba Software Cloud Instance Access for students to practice in their own machines irrespective of configuration, time and place and 15 Hours of equipped and managed lab with MiNdLiNkS infrastructure also available for students during 24/7 for classroom students.

Who should attend?-

▪ SAP SRM [Supplier Relationship Management] consultants without any other go.

▪ SAP MM [Material management] technical / functional consultants who need to add more power to their consulting profile

▪ SAP PM [Plant Maintenance] technical / functional consultants who need to add more power to their consulting profile

▪ SAP PP [Production Planning] technical / functional consultants who need to add more power to their consulting profile

▪ SAP WM [Warehouse Management] technical / functional consultants who need to add more power to their consulting profile

▪ Supply Chain Management, Procurement, Manufacturing etc., Domain working professionals who vexed with less packages & less career benefits and who want to switch to relevant technology while using their domain experience to become SAP Consultants and to make career more secured than operations career.

▪ Test engineers, Test leads Test Managers, Business Analysts, Business Consultants, Process Consultants and Project Management and Program Management professionals or Users who got their project experience with SAP SRM/MM/PP/PM/PP/WM modules

What about Courseware?

We determined the requirements of IT industries and designed the courseware by our panel of Mentoring Board, while considering SAP standards and Industrial ongoing changes and valuable feedbacks from senior competency heads.

Ariba Overview

✓ About Ariba

Ariba Sourcing

✓ Sourcing overview

✓ Building your sourcing event: Rules, Team & Suppliers

✓ Building your sourcing event: contents

✓ running your sourcing event

✓ Managing Surveys

✓ sourcing events with monetary bidding

✓ Reviewing and Publishing an Event

✓ Microsoft Excel Import and Export

✓ Practice Exercises

✓ Hands on workshop

Ariba Contract Management

✓ Overview of Contract Management Process

✓ Desktop File Synchronization (DFS)

✓ Contract Workspace

✓ Contract Request

✓ Templates

✓ Contract Reports

✓ Contract Compliance

✓ Contract Authoring

✓ Practice Exercises

✓ Hands on workshop

Ariba P 2 P (Procure To Pay)

✓ Ariba P2P Overview

✓ Ariba P2P process

✓ Master Data (Users, finance etc.)

✓ Ariba integration with ERP(SAP,JD Edwards)

✓ Ariba Network

✓ Ariba Dashboard

✓ Requisition

✓ Approval flow

✓ Receiving

✓ Invoice

✓ Invoice Reconciliation

✓ Payment

✓ Practice Exercises

✓ Hands on workshop

Ariba Supplier Information and Performance Management

✓ Onboard Suppliers and Capture Supplier Information.

✓ Get More details about Certification, sustainability

✓ Review and Approve Suppliers

✓ Track Supplier Performance

✓ Run Stakeholder surveys

✓ Track using scorecards

✓ KPI's

✓ Manage Performance

✓ Reporting

✓ Practice Exercises

✓ Hands on workshop

Ariba Spend Visibility

✓ Data Enrichment

✓ Data Analysis

✓ Analytical Reports



Short Description

Ariba was founded nearly two decades ago, Ariba set out on a mission to build a solution to help companies manage their spend. Today, Ariba is the world’s largest marketplace for business-to-business transactions—connecting more than two million companies

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SAP Ariba Online & Classroom 8:00 AM - 9:00 AM
SAP Ariba Online & Classroom 8:00 AM - 9:00 AM
SAP Ariba Online & Classroom 8:00 AM - 9:00 AM
SAP Ariba Online & Classroom 8:00 AM - 9:00 AM
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