SAP Hybris C4C [ Cloud for Customer ]

SAP Hybris C4C [ Cloud for Customer ]

All “SAP” software modules, projects, clients are migrating to the Cloud and as SAP announced there won't be any On-premise by 2017. Cloud has introduced into the market as one stop-common-complete-solution for whatever major challenges for all enterprises (clients) i.e., Cost Optimization, Resource Optimization, Process Optimization and Infrastructure Optimization. Cloud doesn't need core and random application development. Cloud doesn't need each and every process to be implemented as complete technology comes as a product in terms of features where a consultant need to customize built-in features as per requirements of clients. Cloud doesn't need much expenditure. Cloud doesn't need IT infrastructure. Client doesn't need more resources.

Cloud doesn't need the expertise from resource. That is why entire Globe is moving around the word “Cloud”, now it has become mandatory for each technology or a tool to convert it’s dynamics, structure, architecture, tradeoffs and everything into the CLOUD. People working in SAP CRM module need to migrate to SAP HYBRIS C4C without any other go as all SAP CRM projects are migrating to SAP HYBRIS C4C and as per SAP there won’t be on premise in SAP after 2007.

What is SAP HYBRIS C4C? 

SAP itself introduced recently “SAP HYBRIS C4C [Cloud for Customer]” a replacement for SAP CRM, as cloud has become mandatory. Irrespective of domain or vertical, each SAP CRM project should migrate to SAP HYBRIS C4C. SAP HYBRIS C4C training differs from traditional SAP training and has many activities that are extremely different for SAP Consultants who have undertaken SAP CRM training. 

SAP Cloud for Customer is a software solution from SAP, designed from the grounds up to help customers increase sales effectiveness (SAP Cloud for Sales), respond better to customer requests (SAP Cloud for Services) and engage with them using social medial channels (SAP Cloud for Social Engagement). 

It’s a full featured Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution to help customers now and allowing for growth in the future.

What is the reason of faster placements with SAP HYBRIS C4C?

As "SAP HYBRIS C4C" is very new module to the world and very less the people aware of. We gave birth to its Training after SAP in the world, first, and training provisioning is very less in the market. So zero competition and as all companies are short staffed with SAP HYBRIS C4C resources, instead of searching for companies for jobs, companies only hunt for candidates. As far as our knowledge goes, worked for many enterprise allocations and its development for this span of decade, we’ve seen all the hell ‘n’ back of resources when they get recruited. We recommend the technology or a tool what you opted for getting a job or to change to another job, should be new to the market, and the training feasibility of it should be very less in the market.

As everybody can’t provide Cloud instance access and training, it makes you a dependable in an organization and will be a no-other-go for a company until they made you to join in. It will be possible when that technology or tool is new to the training market. It can be possible only for MiNdLiNkS to introduce and to provide training for new Cloud Tools & Technologies by industry experts from every ground of technology usage in projects. You can avail Online & Classroom training simultaneously with assured job assistance and references.

Can I see & Practice on SAP HYBRIS C4C software?

Yes, this is the major thing where SAP HYBRIS C4C training has become a rarely available. Everybody cannot access SAP HYBRIS C4C software out of their office to show you during training and to give to practice on it. Person who is certified, working in partner company and leading the entire SAP HYBRIS C4C competence having SUPER USER power in the company only can access this software out of their office and that’s can only be happened by MiNdLiNkS to search those ladders and utilize them for training.

MiNdLiNkS is only an organization providing SAP HYBRIS C4C software Cloud access for students to practice in their own machines 24/7 throughout course time and another 15 days after finishing the course. Above all you will be having 15 Hours of equipped and managed lab daily in MiNdLiNkS.

Are there any prerequisites to take the training? 

As mentioned above, to undertake SAP HYBRIS C4C course you need not to learn anything upfront. Few institutes in Ameerpet who can only do the traditional modules training are bluffing students saying that one need to undergo SAP CRM prior to go for SAP HYBRIS C4C which is completely a wrong as they are doing it for retaining students in their classes. Don’t waste your time with SAP CRM now.

Even SAP CRM working consultants also should migrate to SAP HYBRIS C4C now. What will you be doing with SAP CRM now when SAP itself replaced it by SAP HYBRIS C4C?

Who should attend?

 SAP CRM consultants {without any other go, as SAP itself replaced it by HYBRIS C4C…} to retain their jobs.

 SAP SD consultants need to move to SAP HYBRIS C4C as there is no straight Cloud solution for SD and CRM is much relevant for them to switch to.

 SAP Hybris Technical or Functional consultants need learn HYBRIS C4C as 90% Hybris projects are happening with the collaboration of SAP HYBRIS C4C technically.

 Oracle CRM, Oracle CRM On Demand, Seibel CRM, Siebel On Demand, Sales force CRM, Sugar CRM, Oracle CRM, MS Dynamics CRM, Hubspot CRM, Insightly CRM, Callidus CRM, Infusionsoft CRM, ZOHO CRM, Pardot CRM, Sage CRM, Net Suite CRM, Zendesk CRM, Marketo CRM, Spice works CRM, GoToAssist CRM, Silverpop CRM, Snap Force CRM kind of on premise CRM professionals to become highly paid SAP consultants as SAP HYBRIS C4C is only the Cloud CRM for biggest enterprises and large scale applications as SAP is having 85% more market acquisition.

 Domain experienced professionals from Sales, Marketing, Customer Relations, BPO, BDM, Operations, Banking willing to switch to Software field for good career perspective, can come to learn SAP HYBRIS C4C as this is only the option for them to switch to IT and its very easy to cope up with technically as everything is just a drag & drop activity. So learning and working would be easier than that of any technology in the market.

 SAP EP consultants for upgradation can go for SAP HYBRIS C4C to protect their job as nothing left for them when everything moves to cloud from on premise.

 Test engineers / Test leads to become SAP consultants with less efforts.

 MBA, BBA, BBM, or any other management graduates and post graduates.

What about Courseware? 

We determined the requirements of IT industries and designed the courseware by our panel of Mentoring Board, while considering SAP standards and Industrial ongoing changes and valuable feedbacks from senior competency heads.

1. Introduction

 Hybris C4C Overview

 Hybris C4C landscape

 Public, Private and Hybrid Clouds

 Difference between On Premise (CRM) and C4C (On demand)

2. C4C Standard Functionalities

 HTML5 and Silver Light Screens

 Tool bar

 Panes (Tags, Shelf, Favorites)

 Feed (Social Collaboration tool)

 Library

 Help Center

3. Administration

 Creation of service agents

 Creation of Key Users

 Creation of new Business roles

 Access restrictions

 Creation of users and assigning the WorkCentre’s access

4. Project Scoping

 Select Country and Type of Business

 Implementation Focus

 Scoping

 Questionnaires

 Review

 Confirmation

5. Organization Structure

 Job Definitions

 Creation of employees

 Create divisions and Distribution Channels

 Create org unit and org structure

6. Account and Contact Management

 Configuration activities of Accounts

 Configuration activities of General BP

 Configuration of Contacts

 Duplicate Check

7. Products

 Product categories

 Product List

 Registered Products

 Warranty

8. Pricing

 Base Price list

 Discount list

9. Creation of incidents to SAP

10. Marketing

 Marketing Funds

 Email Blasts

 Lead routing rules

 Fine tuning activities of Leads

 Target Groups

 Campaign Management

11. Sales

 Opportunity

 Sales Contracts

 Sales Quote

 Sales order

 Integrations

12. Service

 Installed Base management

 Functional locations

 Work Tickets

 Ticket Routing rules

 Resource planning

 Service Contracts

 Service Levels

 Service level Determination

 Complaints and Returns

 Time recordings

 Employee substitution

 Integrations

13. Business Analytics

 Creation of reports

 Adding Custom fields to the reports

 Creation of Broad casting

14. Integration with ECC and CRM

 Enabling integration in the scoping

 Communication systems

 Communication arrangements

 Code List Mapping

 Id Mapping

 Number range

 Ports

 Partner profiles

 ALE distribution model

15. KUT Tool

 Creation of Custom fields

 Making fields visible or Hide

 Adding Custom fields to the Reports

 Creation of Tabs

 Adding dropdown values to the fields

 Editing Master layout in HTML5

16. Adding Company Logos

17. Outlook Integration

18. Mobile integration

19. Mash ups

20. CTI Integration

21. Approvals

22. Workflows

23. Migration templates

24. Initial load of Customers, Products and Org structure

25. Web services Monitoring

26. Migration templates

27. Tracking User Logs

28. SDK Overview

 Enhancing standard business object

 Creation of custom business object

 Creation of external web service

 Creation of new communication scenario

29. Interview Questions

30. Resume preparation

31. Mock Interviews



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All “SAP CRM” projects, clients are migrating to “SAP Hybris C4C [Cloud for Customer]” as SAP Labs itself developed HYBRIS C4C and pruning SAP CRM out from the development market. If everything is changing towards SAP HYBRIS C4C, what makes you to stop at

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8:00 AM to 9:00 AM Online and Classroom
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