SAP Hybris C4C [ Cloud 4 Customers ]

All “SAP CRM” projects, clients are migrating to “SAP Hybris C4C [Cloud for Customer]” as SAP Labs itself developed HYBRIS C4C and pruning SAP CRM out from the development market. If everything is changing towards SAP HYBRIS C4C, what makes you to stop at SAP CRM only?

SAP HYBRIS C4C training differs from traditional SAP training and certification and has many activities that are extremely different for SAP Consultants who have undertaken SAP CRM training. MiNdLiNkS gave birth for SAP HYBRIS C4C training in Indian commercial training market soon its launched by SAP. That’s the reason, out of 10 people who knows SAP HYBRIS C4C, minimum of 9 people knows about MiNdLiNkS.


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Mr. Raghu Saran

Mr. Raghu Saran

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  • Mr. Raghu Saran, 12 plus years of genuine SAP industry expertise, a Certified Senior Solution Architect working in CMM Level5 US based MNC for biggest enterprises and has been working in SAP HYBRIS C4C since its inception stage of started implementations ; MiNdLiNkS endorsed Training Professional.

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