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All “SAP” software modules, projects, clients are migrating to the Cloud and as SAP announced there won't be any On-premise by 2018. Cloud has introduced into the market as One stop & Complete solution for whatever major challenges for all enterprises (clients)i.e., Cost Optimization, Resource Optimization, Process Optimization and Infrastructure Optimization. Cloud doesn't need core and random implementation. Cloud doesn't need each and every process to be implemented. Cloud doesn't need much expenditure. Cloud doesn't need infrastructure. Cloud doesn't need more resources. Cloud doesn't need the expertise of resource. That is why entire Globe is moving around the word “Cloud”, now it has become mandatory for each technology or a tool to convert it’s dynamics, structure, architecture, tradeoffs and everything into the CLOUD. People working in SAP Simple Logistics module need to migrate to “SAP S/4 HANA LOGISTICS” without any other go.


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Mr. Pradeep

Mr. Pradeep

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  • Who is your Trainer? Mr. Pradeep, 13+ years of genuine SAP expertise, a Certified Senior HANA Architect working in CMM Level5 US based MNC for biggest enterprises and MiNdLiNkS endorsed Training Professional.  

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